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Water Truck Services - Phoenix, AZ

Water Truck Service

Water Truck Services

Maricopa County has strict rules when it comes to fugitive dust and the property owner or the general contractor is responsible to control it. This includes track out. For construction, applying water is still one of the most cost effective ways to control dust on your site.

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Even though dust control is our primary function, we are flexible to the needs of our clients and provide water truck services for pad certifications, tree watering, fill soils plumbing, flush streets and to assist in street and parking lot sweeping.

Our water trucks carry 2000 to 2500 gallons of non-potable water. Our trucks have independently operated spray heads so they can do a better job of water placement. We can do route work, appointments or stay on site. We provide documentation that includes gallons used for your dust log.

Our fleet of water trucks are D.O.T. compliant and have regular inspections. What this means to you, is they are street legal and if necessary they can bring the water to you. All drivers carry the Maricopa County Air Quality’s basic or comprehensive training card.

Water Truck Service Applications:

  • Apply water during dust generating operations
  • Crust vacant or open lots
  • Apply water to haul or access roads
  • Soak pads for certification
  • Water for dust control at events
  • Fill swimming pools
  • We can haul water to your sites
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