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Air Quality Training & Compliance - Phoenix, AZ

Scott Duscher of Agua Trucks LLC has been certified to train for Rule 310 (dust class) since March 2008. Beginning January 1st 2011 dust classes are no longer available through any private sector company or person. During these difficult economic times the Maricopa County Air Quality Department (MCAQD) has decided to assume the job of this training, eliminating small business from the endeavor. Probably has nothing to do with the fact that everyone who was first certified in 2008 (when the program was initiated) will be due for renewal in 2011.

Individuals are now required to pay for and receive dust training directly from the MCAQD. A class schedule is posted for all of 2011 on the MCAQD website. Since most of the MCAQD staff has no field experience as either a general contractor or trade, the training will be taught from their existing materials and perspective.

All Agua Trucks LLC water truck operators carry the proper certification card or better for Maricopa County Air Quality Department’s rule 310.

Agua Trucks LLC is a registered subcontractor for MCAQD.

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