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Swimming Pool Filling Services - Phoenix, AZ

Swimming Pool Filling

Water Truck Swimming Pool Filling

Agua Trucks provides swimming pool filling services for the greater Phoenix metro area and Maricopa County including the town of Maricopa. Let us explain what goes into filling a swimming pool. First off if you are not on a well, you will find it much cheaper to fill with a garden hose. If that is not the case, here is what will happen.

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How We Fill Your Swimming Pool

We will locate a water source as close to your pool as possible. We cannot just connect to a fire hydrant. We can only connect to a metered hydrant that we have permission to use or we can get water from a community well. The truck will make the trip to the water source and fill. The truck carries 2000 gallons of water at a time. The size of the pool will determine how many trips between your pool and the water source will be needed.

Our trucks carry a 3 inch hose for quick pool filling. It is important to know how long a hose we need to bring before dispatching the truck. The hose needs to lay flat on the ground and cannot be placed over a fence. Please check to see how close the truck can get to the pool. Keep in mind it would be similar to seeing how close a 30 foot motor home can get to the pool.

Swimming Pool Filling Considerations

Also a loaded water truck weighs 33,000 pounds so the ground must be solid and able to have that weight cross it repeatedly. Obstacles such as fences or low hanging branches need to be taken into consideration. Please secure animals and have the gate open when we arrive.

The water source will be potable water; however, once it is in the truck or a pool it is no longer considered potable. Standard start up chemicals will be required. Our trucks will travel to your pool on paved or graded dirt roads only.

A charge card number will be required when the fill is scheduled. We take Visa, Master Card or Discover Card and 80% of the quoted amount will be charged to your account when the truck completes its first fill. Once the final tally of time and water used is reported to the office any remainder will be collected. A quote provides all charges and what they represent, typically an hourly rate for service, a trip charge to the water source, and the water.

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