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Construction Cleanup & Sweeping Services - Phoenix, AZ

Construction Sweeping Service

Agua Trucks LLC provides commercial sweeping services for construction sites to clean up construction sites, sweep up track out and prepare surfaces for sealing and painting. Our service area includes the Phoenix metro area and Maricopa County including the town of Maricopa.

Construction Sweeping Equipment

We have mechanical broom sweepers, regenerative air sweepers and sweeping attachment for a skid steer. The machines carry water for suppressing dust and we can pick up heavy material such as sand and gravel or asphalt millings. Large or small construction sites will benefit from regular construction sweeping services.

Our mid-size regenerative air sweepers are Tymco 435 sweepers. These machines are on a heavier chassis with diesel power and a diesel pony motor to operate the sweeping mechanism. They have a large pickup head and duel gutter brooms. They can be used for parking lots, city streets and construction sites. They also carry a backpack blower and a 10 inch wide, 12 foot long suction hose.



Silt Fencing

Some use the term SWPP (Storm Water Pollution Prevention) and some refer to it as SWPPP’s (Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans), either way, the use of BMP’s (Best Management Practices) are implemented.

Using BMP’s as Systems to Prevent Water Pollution:

Uncontrolled storm water runoff from construction sites can significantly impact rivers, lakes and estuaries. Sediment in water bodies from construction sites can reduce the amount of sunlight reaching aquatic plants, clog fish gills, smother aquatic habitat and spawning areas, and impede navigation.

BMP inspection and maintenance requires dedicating both management and staff time to inspect, clean, and repair or replace BMPs. Also, additional BMP materials may need to be purchased. For example, a silt fence that has been ripped will require replacement.

Our company can help you with BMP installation and maintenance.

Services Available:

  • Installation and service of concrete washout pit
  • Curb inlet protectors
  • Straw wattles
  • Curb cut backs
  • Silt fencing
  • Safety fencing

Additional Construction Services

Erosion Repair

  • Erosion Repair
  • Track Out/Clean-up
  • Erosion/Sediment Control
  • Water Trailer Rental
    • 500 gallon, 5.5 HP gas engine, 2 spray heads, one ½ spray hose, ¾ hose bibs, 2 inch trailer ball.

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