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Agua Trucks LLC
Two-Way Radios
Two-Way Radios

Agua Trucks has been in business since March 2006. One of the owners, Scott, has worked in residential construction since 1999. He started out as an assistant site superintendent for a major Arizona home builder. His home building career has earned him titles of “Vice President of Construction” and “VP Land Acquisition & Development”.

His name was on the “dust sign”, he qualified in one of the first Maricopa County Air Quality Department’s “train the trainers” Fugitive Dust Control program that began in March 2008. He has a clear understanding of the builder needs and trains the staff accordingly to meet or exceed both our customers’ expectations as well as those of Maricopa County.

It should be noted that we have never had a customer receive a rule 310 violation when we were on site.

Street & Parking Lot Sweeping Services Added

One aspect of controlling dust is cleaning up track out. This is normally done with a power sweeper or street sweeper as some say. A power sweeper to keep our customers compliant was an excellent addition to better serve our customers. During a final clean-up of a completed construction project that the new owners were preparing to occupy the next day, the maintenance engineer, after seeing our sweeper work, asked if we could maintain the parking lot. This request and subsequent awarded job of a parking lot with just over 1800 spaces including a 4 story parking garage got us started in sweeping parking lots and our addition of a sweeper designed and dedicated to that purpose. Since that time we have been maintaining lots that have anywhere from 12 to 4000 parking spaces. Scott now serves on the board of NAPSA, the North American Power Sweeping Association. And yes, we still maintain the one that started it all.

SWPP / BMP Services Added

The next service that dovetailed the dust control and sweeper service was SWPP / BMP installation and maintenance. The wrong stuff in the gutter can be an environmental issue and a BMP is the first line of defense. A power sweeper is necessary to clean that gutter. Once again our sweeper fleet grew in both the number of machines as well as types of machines.

Training/Safety at Agua Trucks

Our people are trained. Operators receive almost 80 hours of training before they are sent out on their own. They have a clear understanding of customer expectations and how to use the tools and equipment. Drug and alcohol testing is both a pre-employment requirement and is done randomly.

All of our trucks are tracked with a GPS system that can give us and our customer up to one year’s worth of historical information. If the customer ever questions whether a truck was there, we can retrieve that information and confirm it — dates, times, speeds and route.

Our trucks use two-way radios to communicate with our dispatchers. A two-way radio provides instant communication as opposed to a cell phone, not to mention cell phones are a distraction when operating equipment, and they can become a safety hazard.

Our equipment is maintained. Trucks are checked at the beginning and end of every shift. We want to take every effort to make sure the equipment works properly when we are at your job. Everyone in our company knows our main priority is to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.

Then there is the little job or the once in a great while type job that may require a company to think out of the box on how they use the equipment. Things like making it rain for a TV commercial, watering the ends of a runway for helicopter testing, wetting a field for a special event like a carnival or pumpkin festival and the filling of a swimming pool. We can do it.

Services Include:

  • Water Truck Services
  • Construction Services
  • Street & Parking Lot Sweeping
  • Swimming Pool Filling
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