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Street Sweeping Services - Phoenix, AZ

Residential Sweeping Services
Tymco 435 Sweeper
60 inch broom sweeper attached to a skid steer (Bobcat).

Agua Trucks LLC provides street sweeping services for municipal street cleaning and residential areas including HOA’s. Our service area includes the Phoenix metro area and Maricopa County including the town of Maricopa.

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We offer day and night-time street sweeping depending on your traffic restrictions. Residential neighborhoods, condominiums and apartments may favor day time sweeps while many businesses prefer after hours. No matter what your time needs are we provide quality, professional street sweeping and pavement maintenance services.

Our larger street sweeping machines sweep a path as wide as any municipal sweeper, so community streets are not a problem. Our smaller, efficient street sweepers may be used at condos, apartments, or places that have low clearance.

Residential Street Sweeping and HOA’s

Our customers have received positive comments from their residents about the cleaner appearance. HOA’s and some properties only want a sweeper to drive through and the driver never leaves the truck. Let us know how we can provide the sweeping services you need for your property.

Our Street Sweeping Equipment

Our mid-size broom street sweepers are Husky’s. Similar in size to the regenerative air sweeping machines and with diesel power, yet it has a large broom at the rear and gutter brooms on each side. This machine is made to pick up heavy debris. It works well on city streets and construction sites.

Our larger street sweeper, the TYMCO 600, is a regenerative air machine with a broom assisted head. This pick up head gives you both broom and a regenerative air in one unit. These street sweepers are on a heavy duty chassis that can carry as much as 10,000 pounds of debris. They use turbo diesel power to operate the sweeping mechanism. The large pickup head and duel gutter brooms give this machine a sweeping path just under 12 feet wide. They can be used for parking lots, city streets and construction sites. They also carry a backpack blower and a 10 inch wide, 12 foot long suction hose.

For those hard to reach or very heavy material we use a 60 inch broom sweeper attached to a skid steer (Bobcat). All our street sweeping equipment carry water on board for dust suppression. Mid-size and large street sweepers are PM10 compliant.

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